NHS/Home Office. Alcohol Harm Reduction


Alcohol related injuries and deaths were on the rise among young people. The challenge for HHCL was to warn young adults of the dangerous consequences of getting drunk and incapacitated. Ironically, UK drinking culture was steeped in glamour and bravado while the real picture was of vulnerable people stumbling pathetically into danger. And this inherent contradiction led us to our creative insight.


"Too much alcohol makes you feel invincible when you’re most vulnerable." It was never intended as a ‘clever’ line. There was no trick or word play. The campaign relied on deconstructing the laddish veneer of invincibility to expose the hidden dangers.

The campaign was led by a dramatic TV and cinema commercial, and backed up with hard-hitting posters and a targeted mix of interactive digital, including a dedicated “Know your Limits” website, flash banners and a download game.

The "Vince Venga" download game featured an archetypal tough guy on a drunken killing spree. But as the game progressed and he consumed more alcohol, his fighting 'skills' diminished and the player found that their controllers ceased to work effectively. Eventually it was Vince who was the victim.

Interactive flash banners

Perhaps an early use of 'click bait' headlines. Clicking on the first frame of the banner did not reveal the expected hilarity. Instead the viewer saw potent images from A&E departments showing some shocking alcohol-related admissions.


  • The commercial exceeded objectives for spontaneous recall by more than 200% and was honoured at BTAA and Creative Circle.
  • The website was honoured at Creative Circle
  • Website traffic in the first 3 months exceeded targets for the full year.
  • Crucially, in the 12 months following the activity, the upward trend in alcohol related hospital admission halted, and subsequently showed the first fall in recorded incidents for 5 years.

Property Master. Brand Launch


Property Master challenged Delineo with designing and delivering a full brand campaign to launch them as a new ‘prop-tech disruptor'. As the UK’s first digital mortgage broker for buy-to-let landlords, the brand needed serious cut-through to gain traction in an already competitive market, as well as appeal to landlords who had been repeatedly hit by tax hikes in the past year.


Utilising every aspect of Delineo's full service digital marketing, we assembled a complete launch campaign strategy which clearly showcased Property Master’s proposition. The initial brand development influenced the look and feel of the striking creative assets, as well as the collaged video animation.

We optimised Property Master’s user interface, creating clear signposts for two core customer journeys, developed a complete inbound communications strategy and created insightful editorial for Property Master’s target audience. All of this was supported by organic search optimisation, PPC and display retargeting to drive unique and returning visitors to the site.

Client feedback:

"Invaluable insight helped us define and clarify the proposition and our approach to the market. The distinctive creative work will help us gain immediate traction in a competitive market."

Angus Stewart, CEO of Property Master

Aldermore. The Can Do Bank


Aldermore came to Delineo looking for a creative way to share their core message with their target audience. Aldermore pride themselves on empowering Britain’s go-getters, helping them turn their ideas and ambitions into reality. We needed to find a unique, memorable way to demonstrate this.


The final campaign positioned Aldermore as ‘the can do bank’, as this simple message captured the very essence of Aldermore – they’re committed to helping all of their customers achieve their dreams.

The campaign launched with five films to promote each of Aldermore’s products – mortgages, savings, asset finance, invoice finance and brand. The videos used a 3Doodler pen which creates unique three-dimensional illustrations, literally bringing ideas to life.

The campaign activity ran across YouTube TrueView, Facebook advertising,online banners, website content and print advertising.

DTLR. Teenage Road Safety


In 2001, the biggest killer of teenagers was road traffic accidents.Teenagers had everything on their mind except road safety. The challenge for DMBB was to highlight the hazard and bring it right into the young person’s world. Hectoring the audience had failed in previous years. A new creative approach was needed.


The campaign relied on a haunting film and a series of 6-sheet posters, employing game-play graphics. The creative work drew the audience in, engaging their interest and intrigue before hitting them with the cautionary message.


·     The commercial was voted one of Campaign’s Ten Best Cinema Ads of all Time in the 2003 Book of Lists.

·     The commercial was awarded at BTAA and Creative Circle and won a Carlton Cinema Advertising Gold Award

·     The posters were awarded at Creative Circle

·     Tracking studies showed spontaneous recall of the campaign was highest among the target audience

·     Spontaneous recall exceeded targets by over 100%

·     Recall was higher than for contemporaneous brand ads for Nike and Adidas, aimed at the same demographic.

·     2001 is seen as the high watermark for UK pedestrian road deaths. Since then, figures for most ages have broadly stabilized or fallen.

·     The UK now ranks in the global top 5 for road safety.

Aldermore Business Savings. Lazy Money


With Britain stuck in a gloomy state of low interest rates, Aldermore tasked Delineo with devising a campaign that challenged the misconception that moving surplus cash was a lot of effort for little return. The commercial objective was to maintain YOY sales against the falling interest rates and initiate 100 incremental business savings account opens.


The agency undertook a series of workshops with the client, where I worked alongside the planning director and 'scribed' live throughout the meetings, to capture our ideas in picture form. All that "strategising" ultimately fed the creative idea.


This multi-channel digital marketing campaign was brought to life by the Lazy Money concept, which encapsulated the campaign’s single-minded thought and core campaign messaging.

With a combination of an engaging video,  display ads, an interactive game and a highly targeted digital mix, including content creation and performance marketing, we addressed the target audience at each stage of the buyer’s journey, ultimately driving conversions.


  • Lazy Money outperformed commercial objectives by an impressive 300%
  • Delivered a 30% YOY increase in sales
  • Produced 415 direct and assisted account opens – at the average balance of £65,000, driving cash inflows totaling over £25m
  • Campaign shortlisted at Prolific North Digital Awards 2017
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